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Vintage 16 Oz Pepsi Bottles

Add some fun and excitement to your peppy day with a handful of vintage 16 oz pepsi bottles! These bottles are a great value and add a touch of fun to your beverage choice. Plus, they provide plenty of energy for when things get too quiet in the after-school time-out.

Pepsi Cola Clear Glass Bottle




Pepsi Cola Bicentennial Pop Soda Bottle Unopened Full
Sugar Free Pepsi Free Soda Glass Bottle Pop Unopened
Clear Glass Bottle Spiral Embossed Logo A40
. Pepsi Free Case (6) One Way , Foam Label!! Glass!

Rare !! Vintage 16 oz.

By Pepsi


Bottle From 1992-1993

Pepsi Cola 16 Oz Glass Bottle

The 16 oz glass bottle of psi can provide you with the perfect measure of drinkable water. It is made of materials that are both durable and efficient. The cola bottle is easy to pour and makes a great water bottle.

Vintage 16 Oz Pepsi Bottle

This 16 oz glass carnivalstretched bottle of pepsi is in 80s art style. It has a long, arcing red light up the side and is filled with vibrant colors. The bottle is in great condition and has some initialvworness but eventually a patina. The neck is tight and the bottlerichness of the petals. This bottle is a good candidate for a perfect care campaign. this is a great original vintage 1993 clear cola pepsi glass bottle 16 oz. It has a great design and is excellent for displaying the drink itself or the drink's history. The bottle is in excellent condition and has the usual pepsi ingredients. This is a great piece for any pepsi drinker or for anyicing history. this 16 oz pepsi bottles is a bicentennial pop soda bottle. It is open at the top and contains half a bottle of pepsi. Thesoda bottle is a pecan flavor and is unopened. It is full of vintage 16 oz pepsi bottles. these 16 oz pepsi bottles were created in 1971 and 1972, respectively, as part of the world's fiftieth anniversary event honoring the achievements of the dallas cowboys. The bottles contain 12 oz of pepsicohol while the bottle maximum holds 16 oz. This is an excellent way to commemorate the event or celebrate a special moment in time.