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Funtainer 16 Oz Replacement Straw

This is a great deal on a 16 oz replacement straws set for kids! Shop now and get free shipping. The set includes hysagtek 16 pcs replacement straws set for kids thermos funtainer 12 ounce bottl.

Cheap Funtainer 16 Oz Replacement Straw

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Top 10 Funtainer 16 Oz Replacement Straw

This 16 oz replacement straw set is perfect for toddlers or young children who find it difficult to breathe. The new straws are easy to replace and will help prevent air breaches in the future. this funtainer 16 oz replacement straw is a great choice for those who have a 12 oz. Funtainer bottle. The new straw is made of durable materials and is appointing better for maintainence. This straw is also offered in a variety of colors to fit your drink choice. this 16 oz. Replacement straw is made of durable plastic and is designed to fit standard 12 oz. It is easily customized to fit your straw needs by adding your favorite ferritin. Finally, without having to worry about losing your straw, this funtainer straw is perfect for the long-distance drinker. The straws are life-saving because they can help to remove lived wine from food or drinks. The set also includes athermos funtainer straws.