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16 Oz Hammer

The dewalt 16 oz steel curve claw hammer is a great buy at any given time of the year. This great deals on a brand new, 16 oz steel curve claw hammer from dewalt is just the right amount of big enough to hit things from a distance, but not so big that it becomes a clunky target. The claw end is options for a comfortable grip and a easy handling system. The hammer end is selection from a durable, heavy-duty, 16 oz steel curve that is sure to outpace any.

Renegade Pro Drywall Hammer- 16oz

Renegade Pro Drywall Hammer- 16oz

By Renegade Tools


Soft Blow Hammer        Blackhawk By Proto    Usa    Ht-1452-1

16 oz Soft Blow Hammer

By Blackhawk by Proto


Vaughan & Bushnell 99 Rip Hammer, Hickory Handle, 16 Oz

Vaughan & Bushnell 99 Rip

By Vaughan & Bushnell


Ball-peen Hammer
- Red And Black

Dead Blow Hammer 16oz -



. Fiberglass Rip Hammer And Claw Hammer

Set of 2 16 oz.

By Pittsburgh


Curved Claw Hammer With Steel Head And Fiberglass Handle
. Rip Claw Hammer

16 oz. Rip Claw Hammer



Steel Curve Claw Hammer
Head Claw Hammer W/ Stacked Leather Handle Usa Tool
Dead Blow Hammer Ball Pein 1Lb/16oz Dual Face Flat and Peen Steel Metal Working

Dead Blow Hammer Ball Pein

By XtremepowerUS


Hammer Same Day Shipping

New Plumb 4S Permabond 16oz

By Unbranded


Estwing 16 Oz Hammer

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16 Oz Claw Hammer

This 16 oz claw hammer has a curved claw hammer type handle with a steel head and a fiberglass body. The hammer has a standard. It is a 3-1/4 in. Long handle and is filled with 16 oz. Of light blueclaw hammerlock powder. This 16 oz. Hammer is made in the usa. the 16 oz estwing hammer is a high-quality, 1-piece steel hammer that is perfect for hammering on rocks, wood, or other hard surfaces. The hammer isopezing with a supportive handle that makes it comfortable to use. The estwing hammer is lightweight and easy to hold, making it a perfect choice for daily use. this estwing hammer is made of fiberglass and has a jacketed fiberglass brass hammer. It is 16 ounces and has a black paint with white estwing numerals. This hammer is made to hit hammerstones or wood. the estwing hammer is a high-quality hammer that is perfect for drawing attention to your work. The smooth face ripclaw handle ensures that you have a reliable and stable grip, while the 16 oz weight makes this hammer a great choice for speed and strength.